The production of PVD coatings with an outstanding decorative function, available in a wide range of colours, give superior scratch resistance to products like handles, faucets, watchbands and cases, automotive mirrors, lighting reflectors, fashion accessories and eye glass frames. Amongst the most diffuse coatings in this field can be quoted the nitrides of titanium (TiN) and zirconium (ZrN), titanium carbonitride (TiCN) as well as titanium-aluminium (AlTiN) and chromium(CrN) nitrides.

Virtually any metallic product can be coated, including brass, aluminium, copper and respective alloys; temperature sensitive alloys like Zn-Al, etc.
Deposition of protective/decorative layers also on temperature sensitive plastic parts is widely used. Suitable coatings can be applied which prevent cold welding and/or sticking to metal/plastic counterparts.

Fine columnar to nanocrystalline multilayer configurations are possible, like Cr/CrN/Cr/CrN/Cr...or Cr/ZrN/Cr/ZrN/..with highly enhanced anti-tarnishing and oxidation corrosion behaviour.
Diamond Like Coatings with a high fraction of sp3 bonds, can be obtained by arc evaporation using graphite cathodes and maintaining the substrates temperature under 200 °C.

Extremely low friction stand-alone or top coatings are feasible by incorporation of suitable nanophases in the DLC matrix.
Another important reason why PVD (including sputtering, arc and e-gun evaporation techniques) is receiving high attention in this field is due to its practically zero environmental impact, which differentiates all PVD techniques from that typically encountered in galvanic works. The use of Ni-free an CrVI-free coatings is made possible.

Most coatings as currently obtained by PVD, e.g. those coatings containing Ti, Zr, Nb, RE (rare earths) or other highly reactive materials with ambient atmosphere are not feasible by conventional galvanic procedures.

Very thin Cr coatings are suitable to bring extraordinary hermetic barriers for corrosion protection. Morever electromagnetic shielding and antistatic coatings for computer and telephone housings is also achieved.

Kenosistec provides customers with a complete line of cathodic arc systems and can supply “key in hands” production facilities including ultrasonic cleaning lines, quality control instruments and integrated process - production know how.


See KSA Series - industrial equipment.


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