Vacuum technologies can greatly increase textile’s properties like hydrophobicity (making them less subject to stain) and hydrophilicity (making them easier to tint).
It is also possible to coat textiles with metals suitable for skin contact, also in order to give them special aesthetical properties. Other functional coatings are finding increasing usage as anti-bacterial (e.g. Ag coatings), bio-mimetic, thermal insulation as well as easy-to-clean surfaces. Water repellency, oil repellency, anti-microbial and bio-fouling functionalities are usually given by coatings made in polymeric materials with reactive groups. Such treatments are readily feasible in web or fibre coaters, able to perform plasma activation and cleaning, finishing with suitable thin films, and eventual plasma functionalization of deposited surfaces.
Plasma assisted systems are to prefer due to their potentiality in reducing the consumption of resource materials and being environmentally sound processes.

Kenosistec can provide customers with a customized in-line “roll to roll” systems, suitable to use either sputtering or PECVD coating techniques.


See KSA Series - industrial equipment.


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