KSA Series - Systems for Production

The KSA series is a class of PVD nanocoating systems developed for large volume production for decorative and functional purposes. Thanks to the experience in the R&D, Kenosistec technicians are able to design the best solution for the customer. Different techniques, e.g. sputtering, cathodic arc and PECVD, are combined together in order to obtain high versatile systems, which can be used to improve the appearance of the objects to-be-coated with charming colours or enhance their surface properties like hardness, scratch or corrosion resistance, reflectivity, friction, hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity and many more.

The experience in the R&D gives us the know-how for designing and producing fully customized plants, thought to satisfy the customer needs. The system size, the type and the number of the sources, the materials involved and the movement of the pieces inside the chamber (to optimize the uniformity of the coating) are important parameters of the coating process. We support the customer in the set-up of the deposition process, as well as we offer training courses for the maintenance and the use of our V-see software, a reliable and flexible user-friendly supervisor for controlling PLC and instrument network architecture. Thanks to V-see, the equipment status is continuously monitored and each cycle data is stored in the PC memory. Recipes are built-in with a large number of sequential steps. They are easy to recall and intuitive to create and modify.

The KSA series systems can be equipped with:

Deposition and
Activation sources
Cylindrical and planar Magnetron Sputtering
Cathodic Arc
Evaporation sources
PECVD Sources
Substrate holder Carousel with double rotation for higher coating uniformity even on 3D samples
Samples cleaning Dedicated Power supply connected to the carousel for plasma cleaning
Heating Resistive elements – Infrared radiation
Accessories A special trolley for quick load / unload of the carousel
Special shields designed for quick maintenance









Depending on the dimensions of the pieces to-be-coated and the production, the KSA systems may have different size and equipment in order to optimize time, costs and resources. In the following table, there are three examples of PVD nanocoating systems of the KSA series.

SERIES KSA 700 V KSA 1000 V KSA 1300 V
Max carousel dimensions ø 750 mm h 900 mm ø 1100 mm h 1200 mm ø 1300 mm h 1650 mm
Max number of
cathodic arc sources
6 9 15
Max number of
planar magnetron
3 3 3
Max number of rotating magnetron 2 4 4
Typical configuration

4 arc sources and
1 planar magnetron

6 arc sources and
1 planar magnetron
10 arc sources and
1 planar magnetron
Heating power 7 kW 12 kW 15 kW
Carousel single or double rotation single or double rotation
single or double rotation












Optional features are available:

  • Plasma Cleaning
  • PECVD source (substituting planar magnetron or arc sources)
  • Carousel Bias
  • Scalable in height (up to twice the standard height)
  • Downstream pressure control
  • Polycold water trap and/or backstreaming trap
  • Dual Zone cooling: hot water and cold water
  • Batch Reporting for Quality Assurance and system integration with customer production automation

Outside the KSA Series, Kenosistec supplies customized system for in-line production, large area substrates and metallization.

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