PVD Systems

Cathodic arc deposition is well known to be one of the most versatile and COST EFFECTIVE vacuum deposition techniques. The Kenosistec KA systems have been designed and manufactured in order to enhance these advantages at their best and to ensure lifetime RELIABLE OPERATION in the most demanding conditions.
Kenosistec supplies also KEY-IN-HANDS production facilities, including cleaning systems, quality control instruments and integrated KNOW-HOW for all production aspects.
Applications in the DECORATIVE sector include handles, faucets, watchbands, spectacle frames, fashion accessories, PLASTIC parts. Applications in the FUNCTIONAL field range from cutting tools, to moulds, to machinery components. All metals can be effectively coated, including stainless steels; Al, Ti and Cu alloys; Zn-Al alloys and temperature sensitive materials like 100Cr6.


Process Technology:

  • cutting and moulding tools
  • automotive
  • machinery components
  • handles
  • faucets
  • decorative and self-cleaning surfaces for fashion accessories
  • eye glass frames, watchbands, costume jewellery
  • all families of steels
  • non ferrous alloys
  • temperature sensitive metals and polymer materials
  • hard, super-hard and tough complex structures
  • low friction top coats


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