In-line Systems

This family comprises custom-designed in-line coaters for demonstration and mass production of PECVD/PVD mono - or multi-layer vacuum treatments. The range of applications of these coaters is very broad. So far, Kenosistec has developed systems for:

  • Fabrication of decorative coatings with levelling base coat and protective top coat, for plastic and metallic substrates
  • Fabrication of protected mirrors for the automotive industry
  • Fabrication of OLED devices

Each system consists of a number of standard modules and separation valves which can be coupled and configured to meet customer's requirements. Standard module sizes are 700x700x400 mm, 1200x1200x400 mm, 4800x3500x1800 mm.
Any other size can be designed and fabricated on demand. Any module can be configured for loading/unloading, substrate degassing and drying, surface activation, annealing, vacuum deposition by any PECVD or PVD source.
PECVD modules are suitable to produce anti-scratch, anti corrosion, anti-friction, and anti-fouling treatments on plastic and metal parts. A typical PECVD module is equipped with a single RF electrode or with an array of RF electrodes with total deposition area up to 3000x3000 mm. High density plasma sources (ex. ICP or MW) can be installed on demand. Properly designed gas distribution systems are mounted inside the chamber to guarantee coating uniformity within ±10% over the deposition area.
PVD modules are suitable to produce metallic, inorganic and organic coatings for a number of applications in different fields (interference coatings for optical and decorative use, tribological coatings, EMI shields, TCO coatings, OLED active layers,..)
A typical PVD module is equipped with linear DC/RF magnetron sputtering sources up to 3000 mm in length, or with thermal crucibles. Linear ion sources can be mounted on demand to assist deposition and to improve the mechanical strength of the coating. Gas distribution systems are designed to guarantee coating uniformity within ±2% over the length of the cathode.
Typical accessories are process control systems, such as micro-balances to control deposition rates, optical and electric devices to control target poisoning, plasma impedance monitors to control reproducibility of PECVD reactions, etc.. Kenosistec is available to support the customer in the definition of a proper coating design and in the optimisation of the production cycle.


Process Technology:

  • Complete production lines including conveyor, washers, quality control
  • Web coating for solar control, EM shielding, AR, LCD, magneto-optical, decorative films
  • Glass coating, mirrors, PV cells


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