Gas Sensor Test

Gas Sensor Test is a system designed to reproduce environmental conditions in which a Gas Sensors Device should operate.

Inside the system is possible to tune the following parameters: 

  •          Gas concentration down to 10 ppb
  •          Dry and/or wet gas mixtures
  •          Humidity control from 0 to 95%
  •          Standard Temperature control from 5 to 45⁰C

 The system allows an extremely good accuracy and repeatability.

A volumetric mixture is prepared via appropriate range mass-flow-controllers (MFCs) starting from pure gases.

The system can include a dry-air line, a wet-air line and dry-gases multiple lines and they are all made of stainless steel with metal seal in order to avoid water vapour permeation and gas surface adsorption.

As an option, a mass spectrometer can be included in order to get a reference measurement, to check gases concentration, to evaluate reproducibility, contamination and system leak.


  • Independent test cells equipped with their own sensors to monitor constantly pressure, temperature, relative humidity and flow speed.
  • Thermal regulated chamber allows an accurate setting of temperature.
  • PLC Program allows controlling every valve and it calculates gas flows and gas mixtures at desired concentration, humidity and temperature.
  • Data recording

Gas sensor test can be tailored according to specific requests.


Gas Sensor Test


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