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thin film equipment

Kenosistec is part of ATT business unit and it belongs to Angelantoni Industrie Group.

The company was founded in 2005 as result of a merger between former competitors, Sistec (founded in 1999) and Kenotec (founded 1989, and before Kenos 1969), in order to create the synergies required to enlarge their product portfolio and becoming a leader in designing in-vacuum coating equipment.

Since then Kenosistec has grown in terms of expertise and automation technology, so to meet the high level requirements of reliability and volume capacity, necessary for the industrial production field and, at the same time and in terms of ability to design flexible and fully customized equipment for R&D applications.

This growth was boosted by joining Angelantoni Group, that it has been always a hub of innovation, due to its collaboration with research institutes and universities, with a focus on offering innovative products, providing customers with ingenious solutions and tailored services.

Angelantoni Industrie Group, established in 1932, is composed by several business units and subsidiaries. It has a strong international presence and six production and logistic facilities in Italy, Germany, India, and China.