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PVD Coating: enhance the look of your products

Our PVD coating machines are designed to ensure flawless finishing results on a wide range of substrates. This allows you to experience the incredible versatility and beauty of PVD, ensuring exceptional and long-lasting results..

Custom PDV Machines

Our advanced PVD machines are fully customizable: we create tailor-made solutions covering a wide range of decorative industries such as faucets, fashion, jewelry, home furniture, cutlery, watchmaking, automotive, and many others to meet even the most ambitious expectations.

Antibacterial and antiviral PVD Coating

Cutting-edge technology that lowers the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses on treated surfaces to offer added value to sectors where hygiene is of primary importance.

Advantages of PVD coating for decorative products:

  • Increased durability
  • Aesthetically appealing appearance
  • Increased resistance to mechanical stress

PVD machines for decorative coatings

The PVD Machine “KSA” is available in different sizes, from the most compact form for small productions, to the most accessorized, with double carousel to handle large-scale productions and adapt to specific needs of deposition and size of parts to be treated. Our PVD machines can be equipped with Cathodic Arc, Sputter system, PECVD and the exclusive Hi.P.Po Sputtering Source as well as other special technologies.


KS 1300 Chrome +

Where plastic and chrome meet

  • Double Rides
  • Primary Pumping: Double Diffusion
  • 100% Patented technology for chroming plastic components tested for the Automotive industry
  • Useful area: 1200x Ø 1100mm
  • Up to 15 CAE sources
  • Ready to Hi.P.Po
  • Sputtering: Hipims, DMR and/or Planar
  • No. of Frames: up to 12 positions
  • Space-saving Footprint

KS 1300 Speed

The best of the KS1300… even faster!

  • Lighter. More powerful.
  • Space-Saving Footprint
  • H or L type
  • Primary Pumping: Double Diffusion
  • 25% reduction in pumping time
  • Useful area: 1200x Ø 1100mm
  • Up to 15 CAE sources
  • Ready to Hi.P.Po
  • Sputtering: Hipims, DMR and/or Planar
  • No. of Frames: up to 12 positions

KS 1300 Standard

For each application, at full capacity

  • Useful area: 1200x Ø 1100mm
  • Up to 15 CAE sources
  • Ready to Hi.P.Po
  • Sputtering: Hipims, DMR and/or Planar
  • No. of Frames: up to 12 positions
  • Space-Saving footprint
  • Primary Pumping: Diffusion

KS 1000

All the best of PVD technology

  • Useful area: 800x Ø 800 [mm]
  • Up to 7 CAE sources
  • Ready to Hi.P.Po
  • No. of Frames: up to 12 positions
  • Sputtering: Hipims, DMR and/or Planar
  • Primary Pumping: Turbo
  • Also available in Double Door

KS 700

Compact. The first step toward PVD

  • Useful area: 650x Ø 650 [mm]
  • Up to 3 CAE sources
  • No. of Frames: up to 8 positions
  • Sputtering: Hipims and/or Planar
  • Primary Pumping: Turbo
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A wide range of colors with PVD coatings

The range of possible colors for PVD coatings is broad and depends mainly on the materials used.
Color possibilities include metallic shades, vibrant colors, matte, satin or gloss finishes, and subtle shades.

PVD coatings can be made to achieve colors such as gold, rose gold, silver, bronze, black, and many others, allowing products to be customized according to customers’ desires and aesthetic goals. With the support of our specialists, custom colors can also be made to give an extra touch of personality to the finished product.

PVD technology can be used to coat a wide variety of materials, including: Metals, Plastics, Glass, Composite materials.

Sputtering systems for PVD treatment

Sputtering is a very flexible PVD treatment technology that allows materials to be deposited onto substrates in a controlled, uniform and adherent manner. The ability to deposit even at low temperatures makes these systems suitable for versatile PVD treatments that can be used on a variety of heat-sensitive materials, such as plastics.

With the new “Hi.P.Po” sputtering technology, deposition can be optimized in terms of:

  • Energy costs: up to 36% reduction
  • Target consumption/cost: up to 50% reduction
  • Deposition speed: 10 times faster with the same amount of deposited material

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