Free webinar on the potential and benefits of PVD

Productivity, sustainability and cool touch: the PVD revolution from Hi.P.Po., this is the title of the webinar scheduled for 17 November at 4pm.

The event, organised by Kenosistec, deals with various aspects of PVD surface treatment, which is essential today in many industrial and decorative applications as it enables the optimisation of a material’s surface properties, such as strength, hardness, roughness and optical properties.

During the webinar, in addition to Mauro Margherita, CEO of Kenosistec, technology experts such as Stefano Perugini, technical director KS, and Antonio Angolemme, sales director, will be taking part. There will also be two special guests, Almar Made in Italy and Fima Carlo Frattini, who will talk about their choice and experience in the PVD world. The speeches will be moderated by Alessandra Radicioni, marketing manager of the Angelantoni Group.

On the Agenda: the PVD technological revolution, the Hi.P.Po. sputtering cathode, the advantages for the industry, and the numerous fields of application.

The webinar is a great opportunity to understand how to get the most out of PVD deposition equipment.

It will take place via live streaming and participation is absolutely free.

Read the full programme and register before 6pm on 16 November.