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ALD/PLD System

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) allows VERY ACCURATE UNIFORMITY and HIGH DENSITY. KENOSISTEC developed its own design ALD based on customer specific process and requirements. This can be INTEGRATED in customized solution to be offered as a TURNKEY EQUIPMENT.

Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) is a deposition technique SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to operate in a UHV environment. The EASINESS of the technique and the POSSIBILITY to TUNE SEVERAL experimental parameters, makes PLD extremely versatile.

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This technique offers a number of advantages, all of which arise from the self-limiting, sequential reactions.

Film thickness is WELL CONTROLLED and EXCELLENT UNIFORMITY can be achieved across the SURFACE.  


This technique is used where other techniques have been problematic or have failed to make the deposition.

PLD advantages are:

  • ALMOST NO RESTRICTIONS on the material to be used as target
  • Great thickness UNIFORMITY

KENOSISTEC will be glad to assist in the selection of the proper PLD or ALD  tool for your particular application. CONTACT US and let us to know your requirements.


KENSISTEC develop PLD equipment and processes that result in products of high value to the customer.


Each system can be equipped with an in-situ monitoring as, for example, a REED.

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