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Cathodic ARC Equipment

A well known PVD technique since more that 100 years. Widely used on Research & Development applications and then moved to the HARD and DECORATIVE coating industries, where ENHACED ADHESION and COVERAGE specially in complex geometies are required.

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HIGH and EFFICIENT PRODUCTION of metal plasma, excellent film properties as well as the range of type of materials that can be produced is impressive and growing.

Typical features: 

  • The CHAMBER is water cooled and it can be provided with SINGLE or DOUBLE ROTATION substrates holder, to coat flat or 3-D samples.

Each CONFIGURATION can be supplied with the following features: 

  • SUBSTRATES can be HEATED up to 400°C.
  • Substrates holder INSULATED for BIASING and PLASMA cleaning.
  • ARC SOURCES: 63 mm or 100 mm diameter (own design)

OPTIONAL PLASMA Ion Source for non-conductive substrates cleaning.

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