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The know-how of KENOSISTEC is enclosed in this solution: a tool designed to increase throughput, project pay back or time to market for the final product.

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  • multi-chamber-vacuum-systems

Each chamber can be designed to meet process  ( eg. Sputtering, Thermal and E-Beam Evaporation) specific requirements. These Multi-Chamber vacuum systems are MULTIFUNCTIONAL, EXPANDABLE, MODULAR and FLEXIBLE.

* All the pictures in this section are Copyright of Dr. Kai WU

A CASSETTE-to-CASSETTE LOAD LOCK is connected to a transfer-park module from which the samples can be moved to the process chambers. Interconnected by an automated central transfer chamber that can handle multiple samples across each module, while keeping vacuum.

The number and type of modules are TAILOR MADE to match the customer and process requirement. 

KENOSISTEC can meet your needs. CONTACT US for further infromation. 

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