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PVD systems with combined technologies

The strength of this configuration is the inclusion of the advantages and peculiarities of each deposition technique used within the same vacuum chamber, or in a chamber interconnected by means of a load-lock mechanism, to achieve the best possible coating performance.

The Kenosistec team is always available to identify the most suitable solution among the many combination possibilities, according to specific needs.

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Some examples of combination of PVD technologies:

- HiPims, dual magnetron sputtering with cathode arc evaporation sources.

The combination is specially designed to offer the best results for tribology coatings.

- Sputtering, thermal evaporation and e-beam.

The solution is optimized for optics and microelectronics.

- Sputtering and PECVD.

With this configuration it is possible to obtain a thin PVD film and a protective layer.

- Sputtering and PLD.

The performance of standard sputtering is improved by adding higher density layers of different materials.

- ALD, PLD etching and sputtering.

The combination is ideal for microelectronics, nanosensors, mems.

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