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Based on our expertise and in Vacuum Engineering building turn key solutions. We get the capability to deliver to the market our designed and manufactured Thin Film Deposition components from Magnetron Sources, Cathodic Arc Evaporation Sources to power supplies.

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  • Possibility to work in DC, DC Pulsed, RF and HiPIMS mode
  • Target water cooling, direct or indirect
  • Anti cross-contamination shield, dark space shield and clamp with screws for easy target change
  • Target thickness ranges from 1 to 6.35 mm (with proper clamp)
  • Magnet array for conductive and insulating materials or ferromagnetic materials (pre-configured)
  • HV or UHV range (pre-configured)
  • Internal or external mount (pre-configured)
  • Operating Pressure from 2 x 10-3 mbar to 2 x 1 0-2 mbar

Circular Magnetrons

  • Circular Magnetron standard target size 2", 3" or 4" (larger on request)
  • Tilt O - 25° and Gas Ring (Optional)

Diode Version Available

Rectangular Magnetrons

  • Rectangular Magnetron Standard target size 8"x 3" 12"x 3", 16"x 5", 22"x 5", 43"x 5"
  • Other dimensions on demand
  • Cathode diameter: 63 or 1 00 mm
  • Up to 250 A
  • Arcs ignition trigger (own design)
  • Fast Protection in case of trigger short circuit (i.e. trigger melted to the target)
  • Special dark space shield for droplets reduction
  • Target easy mounting
  • Cost effective targets manufacturing
  • Effective erosion of the targets

Mounting these sources in an array configuration, it is possible to deposit on a large area. In this configuration each source can be set independently in order to tune uniformity

  • Manipulators (manual and motor drive motion)
  • Heaters
  • Vacuum transfer vessels
  • Feedthrough
  • Special flanges
  • Viewports
  • Cryo-traps
  • High purity gas distribution system
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    Sputtering Systems

    Sputtering is a LOW TEMPERATURE- HIGH ENERGY PVD process, where the target bombarded by ions, is vaporized and the vapours are deposited on the substrate creating a thin atomic layer.

    Evaporation Systems

    Evaporation is a LOW ENERGY PVD process and HIGH DEPOSITION rate where the material is heated based on the concept that above any material exists a finite “vapor pressure” .

    Cathodic ARC Equipment

    Cathodic Arc Plasma deposition is a HIGH ENERGY PVD process with HIGH DEPOSITION rate, mainly with LOW THERMAL conductive metals.

    Combined Technologies Systems

    The PVD technologies can be COMBINED in a POLYVALENT SOLUTION where two or more processes are required on a substrate, always keeping a clean deposition environment.


    The best SOLUTION to avoid cross contamination in a MULTI PROCESS DEPOSITION-inclusive running at the same time-several chambers .