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Evaporation Systems

KENOSISTEC Evaporation Systems (KE) have a cylindrical or cubic process chamber that can be fitted with several DEPOSITION sources: THERMAL, EFFUSION CELLS (specifically designed for perovskites and organic materials) and E-BEAM SOURCES.

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The solid material is heated until vapor stage and reaches the substrate condensing on it . Popular & Simple: Two characteristics that mark this PVD technology.

A FULL CUSTOMIZABLE device can guarantee success in your current and future research.

  • Single and/or Co-Evaporation
  • Heating of the substrate’s holder up to 800°C
  • lon Beam Etching and lon Beam ASSISTED DEPOSITION

The equipment can be provided with DOUBLE ROTATION, FLAT or DOME substrates holder

  • A Load-Lock chamber can be added for speeding up chamber loading
  • Samples pre-heating and/or for plasma treatment
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