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Gas Sensor Test System

The Gas Sensor Test is a system designed to reproduce, with accuracy and repeatability, specific environmental conditions needed for testing Gas Sensors Devices.

Each equipment can be tailored-made to meet specific customer needs.

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Our Gas Sensor Test solution developed is an unique technology that allows to reproduce specific conditions for testing Gas Sensor devices, with extremely ACCURACY and REPETABILITY.

The system can tune the following parameters:

  • Gas concentration down to 1 O ppb
  • Dry and/or wet gas mixtures
  • Humidity control from O to 95%
  • Standard Temperature control from 5 to 45°C

Independent test cells equipped with their own sensors to monitor constantly pressure, temperature, relative humidity and flow speed. 

THERMAL REGULATED chamber allows an accurate setting of temperature. 

PLC Program allows controlling every valve and it calculates gas flows and gas mixtures at desired concentration, humidity and temperature. 


Mass spectrometer can be included to check gases concentration, to evaluate reproducibility, contamination and system leak.

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