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HI.P.PO., High Productive Powered Sputtering Cathode

Thanks to its deposit speed, HI.P.PO. competes with traditional evaporative metallization. Hi.P.Po. it is a magnetron sputtering, therefore more reproducible (repeating the same final characteristics regardless of the production batch), stable (uniformity during deposition) and calibratable (changing parameters), even on plastic (abs, polycarbonate, pmma).

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There are many industries that can benefit from the extraordinary versatility of this system: from the automotive and aerospace industries, to fashion and jewellery, from food packaging to the textile industry.

Hi.P.Po. can deposit many metals, including:

- Aluminum

- Titanium

- Chromium

- Copper

- Nickel

With this innovative Sputtering cathode, it is also possible to deposit composite materials of such metals, such as nitrides and carbides. Contact us to check if your deposit material has already been tested or if you want to evaluate the applicability of HI.P.Po.

  1. Minimum diameter: 70 mm
  2. Maximum diameter: 200 mm 
  3. Height: can vary from 1000 mm up to 4000 mm
  1. Deposition rate 10 times higher than traditional planar cathodes
  2. Deposition temperatures compatible with many plastics (T <80 ° C).
  3.  Custom size
  4. Reduction of the volume of the chamber by about 40%
  5.  Low energy consumption
  6. Reduction of time and frequency of equipment maintenance
  7. Savings on the costs of target materials, combined with a reduction in their exchange and maintenance
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