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Decorative coating solutions for industry

The KSA 700-1300 V series, PVD systems for large production volumes

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Each system is equipped with the following features:

- Polycold® cryogenic trap and / or back-streaming siphon

- Dual Zone Cooling: hot and cold water

- V-See software, made by Kenosistec and easy to use, allows you to record a wide range of data to track and analyse processes.

- set of interchangeable shields for quick and easy cleaning.

- carousel made to measure according to the customer's needs

- multiple technologies: Cathode Arc Evaporation (CAE), Sputtering (Planar Magnetron, Rotating Dual Magnetron, HiPPo), PECVD, Plasma treatment.

- Polarization for substrates (BIAS)

- Heating for substrates (samples)

The KSA series includes 3 types of systems, based on the size of the carousel:

- KSA 700 V, maximum dimensions of the carousel * ø 750 mm h 900 mm

- KSA 1000 V, maximum dimensions of the carousel * ø 1100 mm h 1200 mm

- KSA 1300 V, maximum dimensions of the carousel * ø 1300 mm h 1650 mm

* height to scale

Activation sources available:

- Sputtering Magnetron cylindrical and / or planar

- Cathode arc evaporation sources

- PECVD sources

- Sputtering source Hi.P.Po

The substrate holder consists of a carousel with double rotation to ensure greater uniformity of coating on 3D samples

For sample cleaning, the system is equipped with a dedicated power supply, connected to the carousel for effective plasma cleaning.

Additional components can be added to the system to facilitate its use:

- A special trolley to speed up the loading / unloading of the interchangeable carousel

- An extra set of shields for faster maintenance

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