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RIE System

R.I.E primarily employs Ion-assisted processes where heavy ion bombardment damages chemical bonds and the radicals chemically react with exposed surface atoms producing a volatile product.
With the I.B.E un-reactive ions will act physically removing atoms from substrate surface.

  • kenosistec-reactive-ion-etching-system

Designed for HIGH RESOLUTION DRY ETCHING and it is suitable for HIGH UNIFORMITY processes.  

SUITABLE for working with INERT and REACTIVE GASES for etching SiO2, Al2O3, Au, Cr2O3, Al, MoSi2, TaSi2, GaAs.

Allowed for SMALL PRODUCTION UNIT with a capability of 10-40 wafers per hour 

Especially suitable for IRREGULAR SHAPES.

SUBSTRATE HOLDER connected to RF power supply.

Uniform GAS FLOW at the surface a good plasma confinement thanks to the  Pyrex cylinder. 

SUBSTRATE HOLDER can be designed to ETCH samples with DIFFERENT SIZES (from 2" up to 8" diameter) 

TEMPERATURE :can be HEATED UP to a maximum of 300°C and cooled down to a minimum of -20°C.

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