Large Area Coating (LAC)

Kenosistec conceives industrial-scale applications of PVD to allow sectors like energy, electronics or architecture to move from R&D purposes to pilot lines or industrial manufacturing.

Our solutions allow our customers to reach high levels of productivity at low costs.

Specialist on production process

Technology and knowledge

Thanks to the modular design and process flexibility in our large area coating system (LACS), a number of processes which previously required several individual machines, could be combined into a single machine, according to the process requirements.

LACS main characteristic is the ability to perform consecutive processes without breaking the vacuum if is required; thus affording the highest possible process quality in volume production.

Industry-proven concept, leading technologies and many years of experience allow us to offer:

  • Truly continuous operation. Fully automatic process control
  • Suitable to match substrates size requirements. Automatic loading / unloading
  • Both process directions : face up or face down deposition .
  • Scalable model: easy upgrading to increase production.
  • Footprint: horizontal or vertical
  • Modular Integration: different source combined (sputtering, evaporation , PECVD, CIGS, etc.…) and pre-treat­ment pro­cesses (heat­ing or etch­ing)


Kenosistec’s technical and research teams work in close contact with the customers aming and resolving the following aspects:

  1. Research and knowledge
  2. Technology and development
  3. Production
  4. Support
  5. Quality and control