Kenosistec was born in 2005, as a result of a merge of two companies, Kenotec and Sistec, and has become a european landmark for the thin films deposition’s industry.

Today, Kenosistec has grown strongly in terms of expertise, reliability and production volume capacity, necessary to meet the most critical and specific requirement of the Global Industry.

In the same way, Kenosistec has improved its own design, realizing tailor-made equipments.

The company is part of the Angelantoni Group.


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to develop, to drive and to promote a GREENCOATING TECHNOLOGY from R&D to all daily life applications.

Kenosistec aims to be the first-choice partner for HIGH PERFORMANCE AND RELIABLE COATING EQUIPMENTS and services on a global scale.

We want create new standards and we support constantly our customers to realize their projects

Our values

  • Involvement: we are inclusive, open minded and actively committed to our clients, partners and employees.
  • Innovation: we are creative, and we are always looking for connection between new ideas and business reality.
  • Sustainability: we realize eco-friendly technologies.
  • Passion: this is the fuel that keeps us going.
  • Perseverace: we don’t give up. A problem never stays long.

Installed Systems Worldwide

Kenosistec has hundreds of systems installed around the world, a number that continues to grow steadily, thanks to the trust of our customers and the expertise of our team.

From Automotive to Aerospace, from Energy to Solar to Institutions and General Manufacturing Industry, where Researchers, Developers and Engineers need our support, we build relationships with customers through direct and indirect channels and are committed to providing value that endures over time.

Contact us, we will know how to help you.

Some Customer References: