Cathodic arc evaporation (CAE)

Cathodic arc deposition is a high energy PVD evaporation process with a high deposition rate, mainly used with low heat conduction metals.

To vaporize the material from a cathode, an electric arc is used, allowing the material to condense on a substrate forming a thin film. It is a PVD technology known for more than a century, already widely used in the R&D field and recently also introduced in industries that require a resistant and decorative coating, where greater coverage and adhesion is required, especially in the presence of complex geometries.

Thanks to the cathodic arc deposition it is possible to obtain:

  • high and efficient production of metal plasma,
  • excellent mechanical properties like higher resistance to scratch of the coating
  • wide range, constantly growing, of producible materials.

The chamber is water-cooled and can be equipped with a single or double rotation substrate holder for coating flat or 3D samples.

Each configuration can have the following characteristics:

  • supports heated up to 400 ° C.
  • insulated substrate holder for biasing and plasma cleaning.
  • arc sources: 63 mm or 100 mm in diameter (of our design)

Optional Ion Source Plasma for cleaning non-conductive substrates.

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