Components for thin film deposition

Based on our expertise and in Vacuum Engineering building turn key solutions. We get the capability to deliver to the market our designed and manufactured Thin Film Deposition components from Magnetron Sources, Cathodic Arc Evaporation Sources to power supplies.
  • Ability to work in dc, pulsed dc, rf and HiPims modes
  • Targets, direct or indirect water cooling
  • Cross contamination shield, dark space shield and screw clamp for easy target change
  • Thickness of target from 1 to 6.35 mm (with appropriate clamp)
  • Series of magnets for conductive and insulating materials or ferromagnetic materials (preconfigured)
  • HV or UHV range (preconfigured)
  • Internal or external mounting (pre-configured)
  • Operating pressure from 2 x 10-3 mbar to 2 x 1 0-2 mbar
  • Standard target circular magnetron 2 “, 3” or 4 “(larger on request)
  • Tilt o – 25 ° and gas ring (optional)
  • Diode version available
  • Rectangular Magnetron standard target sizes 8 “x 3”, 12 “x 3”, 16 “x 5”, 22 “x 5”, 43 “x 5”
  • It is possible to have other dimensions on request.
  • Cathode diameter: 63 or 100 mm
  • Up to 250 a
  • Arc ignition trigger (Kenosistec exclusive design)
  • Fast protection in case of trigger short circuit
  • Special dark space shield for moisture reduction
  • Easy mounting of the target
  • Production of economic targets
  • Effective erosion of targets

By mounting these sources aligned, it is possible to deposit the desired thin film even over a large area.
In this configuration each source can be set independently to achieve coating uniformity.

  • Manipulators (manual and motorized movements)
  • Heaters
  • Vacuum transfer vessels
  • Feedthrough
  • Special flanges
  • Windows
  • Cryo-traps
  • High purity gas distribution system

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