Evaporation system

The evaporation is a PVD process with low energy and high speed of deposition in which the solid material is finely heated at the rate of the evaporation state.

In a second moment, the vapor thus obtained reaches the substrate, condensing on it.

Simplicity and precision are the main characteristics that contradict this PVD technology.

The PVD Kenosistec evaporation system is made up of a cylindrical or cubic process chamber, which can be equipped with various deposition sources: thermal cell, ad effusion – designed specifically for perovskite and organic material – and e-beam sources.

Evaporation systems can be activated with different functionalities:

  • single and/or co-evaporation
  • heating of the fine support at 800°c
  • lon beam etching and lon beam (assisted deposition)

The equipment can also be supplied with a double rotation, flat or dome substrate holder

  • By speeding up the care of the main camera, it is possible to add a load-lock camera –an interconnected camera through a transfer mechanism, to have continuity in the void and not missing
  • Preheating of the samples and/or plasma treatment

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