Perovskiti – The sustainable energy revolution

Low-cost production for greater energy efficiency

KENOSISTEC together with the CNR-IMM of Catania has patented a revolutionary solution of sputtering deposition that reduces the cost/KW of the cell and improves the final deposition properties and its duration:

  • Perovskite lowers solar panel cost/KW
  • It is capable of exceeding the solar energy conversion efficiency of a silicon-only panel by nearly 50%
  • Is transparent, unlike silicon, which allows it to be used more widely
  • Technology under patent: An LV-PSE PVD deposition technology that lowers deposition costs compared to other PVD technologies in existence today by nearly 2/3, improves deposition uniformity and deposition quality

Perovskite is a mineral made up of calcium titanate. It is a good conductor with optoelectronic properties and offers the ability to easily adjust the band gap.

It is also easily available, thanks to the abundance of active materials.

All of these features together with a simpler, low-temperature, large-scale extensible method of manufacture, make peroskite a solution for the of photovoltaic cells.

Peroskite for energy transition

Today, the energy sector continues to make great strides to limit carbon emissions more and more. But, despite recent technological developments to implement renewable energy, there is still a long way to go. The production of solar panels, for example, has reached important milestones in the last 20 years, but current silicon solar panels alone are not enough.

Recent studies have shown that combined perovskite and silicon cells achieve high standards of performance by converting 27% of sunlight into energy, a significant increase in efficiency compared to 15-20% of photovoltaics in silicon alone.