RIE (reactive ion etching) system

R.I.E mainly employs processes in which heavy bombardments of ions damage chemical bonds: the radicals chemically react with the atoms exposed on the surface, producing a volatile product.

This particular system is designed for dry and high resolution engraving. It guarantees a processing with a very high degree of uniformity

  • Suitable for working with inert and reactive gases for the attack of SiO2, Al2O3, Au, Cr2O3, Al, MoSi2, TaSi2, gas.
  • Enables small production units with capacities of 10-40 wafers per hour.
  • Suitable for irregular shapes.
  • Substrate port connected to RF power supply. Uniform gas flow on the surface with good plasma confinement thanks to the pyrex cylinder.
  • The substrate holder can be designed to engrave samples with different sizes (from 2 “up to 8” in diameter)
  • Temperature: it can be heated up to a maximum of 300 ° C and cooled down to a minimum of -20 ° C.

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