PLD systems

(Pulsed laser deposition)

PLD systems


PLD involves the use of a high-energy laser to ablate (vaporize) a target material in a vacuum or controlled atmosphere. The ablated material is then deposited onto a substrate placed opposite the target. The laser ablation process generates a plasma plume composed of ions, atoms, and clusters of the target material, which condenses onto the substrate to form a thin film.

The PLD technique offers numerous advantages.

The most important are:

  • Versatility: PLD can deposit a wide range of materials, including complex compounds and multilayer structures.
  • Controlled Stoichiometry: PLD allows for precise control over the composition and stoichiometry of deposited films.
  • High Quality Films: PLD films exhibit high crystallinity and purity.

KENOSISTEC accompanies the customer in choosing the most appropriate PLD tool for each individual application. Furthermore, each system can be equipped with continuous monitoring such as, for example, a Reed, a normally open foil switch which closes in the presence of a magnetic field.

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