The only chrome plating on plastic that does not require galvanic processes. Manufactured using a two-layer process with a UV coating base, followed by a PVD deposition process under patent.

KENOSISTEC is proud to present CHROME+, an innovative patented technology that offers a two-layer coating solution capable of producing glossy or matt/satin chrome plating on plastic components.

Chrome colours and variants are available to date, and other colours are currently under development.

Chrome+ represents a revolution in automotive coatings as it exceeds rigorous industry standards in various tests, including hydrolysis, condensation and climatic tests, known as some of the most demanding in the industry. This was achieved through a unique combination of UV coating and a special PVD sputter coating formula.

The first layer, a UV-cured base, serves as a foundation for chromium deposition. Subsequently, our groundbreaking PVD sputter coating Technology, known as Hi.P.PO, facilitates the deposition of chromium. Hi.P.PO operates at lower temperatures, ensuring the avoidance of heating plastics while maintaining a rapid deposition rate. Moreover, as a two-layer technology, it also significantly saves on process times while retaining all the functional advantages of the three-layer system.

The application sectors of Chrome+ encompass various industries:

Automotive Components: such as door handles, rearview mirrors, window frames.

Motorcycle Accessories: including mirrors, handle grips, decorative covers.

Household Appliances: like stove knobs, decorative parts for electronic devices, appliance handles.

Electronics Sector: covering cases or external parts of technological devices.

The synergy between the UV paint deposition on ABS plastic and Hi.P.PO technology forms an impeccable pairing, yielding a uniform appearance and exceptional durability while rivaling the elegance of more costly materials. The PVD coating, a patented ‘multilayer’ innovation, delivers not only functional but also aesthetic advantages, boasting a uniform and enduring chromium deposit.

This solution not only achieves a stunning chrome-like finish but also ensures prolonged performance and resilience, making it an ideal choice for automotive applications seeking both functional excellence and visual appeal.

Chrome+ stands out as a versatile solution compatible with various plastics, including polycarbonate, acrylic, PET, HDPE, PEEK, PMMA, nylon, silicone, Polyimide, Polyetherimide, Fluorocarbons (Teflon), AB, S Polyurethane, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVC, Polyester, Nylon, Phenolics, Polycarbonate, and Epoxies.

Moreover, Chrome+ aligns seamlessly with the objectives outlined in the REACH legislation ((CE) n.1907/2006). Today, the REACH legislation prioritizes the reduction of hazardous materials in industrial processes to safeguard the health of individuals and the environment. The implementation of PVD technology in the eco-friendly Chrome+ solution, patented by KS, significantly minimizes the utilization of hazardous substances.

By adopting PVD technology in Chrome+, industries can ensure both the protection of individuals and the maintenance of superior quality standards. This innovative approach not only guarantees the deposition of chromium but also reduces the use of harmful materials, offering a Green solution for industries aiming to prioritize safety and environmental sustainability in their processes.

  • Patented deposition technology
  • PVD chrome plating process under patent
  • Exclusive UV varnish formula for Chrome+
  • Registered trademark

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