PECVD – Plasma Enhanced CVD

In PECVD deposition, the materials to be deposited are placed in the chamber and, thanks to this process, they pass from the gaseous state to the solid state (e.g. silica, SiO2). The pieces to be treated are placed inside the vacuum chamber which is brought to pressures of a few pascals.

This particular process is also known as “low temperature CDV”. The plasma, in fact, is used to significantly lower the temperatures at which the material is deposited on the piece, allowing the use of substrates that otherwise would not have withstood the high temperatures.

The main advantages of this deposition are

  • homogeneous film,
  • very high hardness
  • does not modify the macrostructure of the piece.

There are two types of configuration:

  • Inductively coupled RF sources. In this case the deposition can be driven by anode or cathode.
  • Steam sources with controlled flow system with maximum dimensions of the support 300×300 mm which can also be cooled.
It is possible to design tailor-made systems for more specific applications.

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