KENOSISTEC developed its own automation software. This choice is driven by the will of being reliable and flexible with respect to the customer needs.

Developed by us to met Customer’s needs.

V-SEE is an easy-to-use supervisor that allows you to control the PLC and network systems architecture using the Windows operating system. The main logic is based on the PLC. The status of the equipment is continuously monitored, and the data of each cycle are stored in the PC memory. Recipes are integrated with sequential steps that are easy to remember and intuitively create and edit.

PLC – Programmable Logic Controller

We use Simatic S7 series PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller) in all our equipment.

  • Controller with extended system functions and high performance
  • High-speed signal processing
  • Maximum performance

The SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software used is the Siemens WinCC, Man Machine Interface (MMI) for PLC communication (SIEMMENS® step 7)

The system is supplied with 2 access levels: technician and supervisor. This offers multi-level advantages that allow different set up accesses to the system.