A New Plant for IPZS

The client

The Italian Institute of Printing and minting (IPZS), institutionally recognized as an operational organ of support, to the public administration, through the provision of products, services and projects with high intrinsic value, represents a guarantee of protection for the community, in terms of security, anti-counterfeiting and traceability.

At a time when security and protection of personal data are increasingly important, IPZS plays a key role in ensuring the integrity and security of sensitive documents and data, and its activities are crucial for safeguarding public faith and public trust in institutions.

Accuracy and efficiency are therefore two fundamental values for a bureau that also contributes to Italy’s reputation and credibility as a country that meets international standards.

The request

To produce high-precision stamp value holograms, which require a high level of control of the deposition process and special attention to technical specifications, the IPZS requested an advanced Kenosistec plant equipped with PVD technology for the deposition of silver thin films on plastic substrates.

The choice of a PVD device was motivated by its proven efficiency and accuracy in the production of thin films, which can guarantee the quality required for this type of processing.

Our solution

The choice fell on a flexible sputtering system. In fact, Kenosistec proposed and built a KS 1000 H In-Line plant for large industrial volumes, capable of depositing coatings on plastic substrates with any type of metal target, including silver, even at thicknesses greater than those required.

The plant was able to fully meet the customer’s expectations, and was recently delivered to the Foggia plant after FAT testing, ready to begin its production cycle. It will be accompanied by a specialized and customized training service for future operators in charge of using the plant.

Sputtering system per produrre Ologrammi di alta precisione</p>