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Since its its begining, more than 30 years ago, KENOSISTEC has always collaborated with italian educational institutions in their development, providing solutions that allow new generations of researchers to deepen their knowledge and skills.

This is the case of the University of Calabria at Cosenza, that within the Regional Strategic Project “Calabria High Training”, in June 2020 called to participate in a public tender to award a series of equipment and services for the modernization and adaptation of the technological infrastructure of the laboratories of the Physics department.

KENOSISTEC presented the KS300C solution, which is an ideal Confocal Sputtering equipment for the deposition of metallic and dielectric thin films. It has (02) magnetron cathodes (system predisposed to receive a third magnetron in the future) with deposition from the top of the chamber (sputter-Down method in confocal configuration). This configuration allows to perform multi layers as well as co-deposition if the magnetrons are activated simultaneously.

This configuration provides the laboratory with a compact multifunctional equipment such as the possibility of varying the distance from the magnetron to the substrate holder and very practical as the backing plate with mechanical clamping, avoiding having to use adhesives to hold the substrate.

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