ALD and PLD systems

ALD systems (Atomic layer deposition) and PLD systems (Pulsed laser deposition)

ALD systems


Pulsed laser deposition uses a high-powered pulsed laser to irradiate the target material, producing a jet of material that is collected on a suitable substrate, typically heated to a high temperature.

Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) is a deposition technique specifically designed to operate in a UHV (i.e. Ultra High Vacuum) environment.

It is extremely versatile because it is simple and adaptable on the basis of various experimental parameters.

Thanks to sequential self-limiting reactions, which ensure careful control of the coating size, the ALD technique offers numerous advantages.

The most important are:

  • High control of the film thickness
  • Excellent uniformity over the entire surface
  • Coating also of internal or hardly accessible surfaces
KENOSISTEC accompanies the customer in choosing the most appropriate ALD tool for each individual application. Furthermore, each system can be equipped with continuous monitoring such as, for example, a Reed, a normally open foil switch which closes in the presence of a magnetic field.

PLD systems


Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is a technology that allows you to deposit high-density material, ensuring accurate uniformity.

It is a method of sequential deposition – layer by layer – on an activated substrate surface. ALD technology allows the layers to be fused continuously through the use of liquid precursors activated by plasma or by temperature.

KENOSISTEC has developed its own ALD design, refining it according to customer specific processes and requirements. The system can be integrated into existing solutions.

PLD technology is used where others have encountered difficulties or have not been able to carry out the deposition.

The advantages related to the use of the PLD are:

  • Flexibility on the type of material to be used as a target
  • Great uniformity of thickness

Thanks to a high-end offer for PLD equipment and processes, Kenosistec accompanies the customer in choosing the most appropriate Pulsed Laser Deposition tool for their needs.

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