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Thin film deposition for PVD and PECVD coatings

KSA Series 700-1300 V

KSA Series are HIGHLY VERSATILE PVD systems. Designed for Large Volume Production and Decorative Application, the KSA systems are fully automated and easily operated by a single operator.

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High Productive Powered Sputtering Cathode: the new generation of sputtering cathodes developed and patented by KENOSISTEC.

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Sputtering Systems

Sputtering is a LOW TEMPERATURE- HIGH ENERGY PVD process, where the target bombarded by ions, is vaporized and the vapours are deposited on the substrate creating a thin atomic layer.

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Evaporation Systems

Evaporation is a LOW ENERGY PVD process and HIGH DEPOSITION rate where the material is heated based on the concept that above any material exists a finite “vapor pressure” .

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Cathodic ARC Equipment

Cathodic Arc Plasma deposition is a HIGH ENERGY PVD process with HIGH DEPOSITION rate, mainly with LOW THERMAL conductive metals.

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RIE System

R.I.E (Reactive Ion Etching) / IBE ( Ion Beam Etching) is an ION-ASSISTED REACTIVE method based on a combination of chemical and physical etching which allows isotropic and anisotropic (uni-directional) MATERIAL REMOVAL.

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Plasma Enhaced Chemical Vapor Deposition  is a technology with MEDIUM ENERGY and HIGH DEPOSITION RATE, that uses precursors on liquid or gaseous stage and its chemical componets are broken and then recombined to be on the substrate surface.

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ALD/PLD System

Atomic Layer Deposition is a sequential deposition method, (LAYER by LAYER) on a activated substrate surface that allow to bond them in a continious way using liquid precursors activated by plasma or temperature.


Pulsed Laser Deposition uses a  HIGH-POWERED PULSED LASER to IRRADIATE the target material, producing a plume of material to be collected on a SUITABLE SUBSTRATE, typically held at high temperature.

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Combined Technologies Systems

The PVD technologies can be COMBINED in a POLYVALENT SOLUTION where two or more processes are required on a substrate, always keeping a clean deposition environment.

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The best SOLUTION to avoid cross contamination in a MULTI PROCESS DEPOSITION-inclusive running at the same time-several chambers .

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Gas Sensor Test System

In a clean chamber, humidity, temperature and gas concentrated atmosphere IS PRODUCED and CONTROLLED, allowing to TEST and CALIBRATE gas sensor devices.

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Heaters and Coolers, Manipulators and special mechanical devices can be engineered under request.

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