Peng Tong Tech chooses Kenosistec for its new Cluster

Peng Tong Tech aimed to acquire a Thin Film Deposition Cluster facility in the semiconductor industry.

The Client

Peng Tong Tech is a Chinese semiconductor company with a solid reputation in the industry. Founded in 2017, the company has experienced steady growth over the years and has become a significant player in the global semiconductor market. PTT is engaged in the design, development, production, and marketing of a wide range of high-performance products, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment, new, refurbished, and customized parts.

The Request

Peng Tong Tech aimed to acquire a Thin Film Deposition Cluster facility in the semiconductor industry. It was essential that this system could maintain vacuum during all phases, including sample loading and unloading, in order to optimize operational efficiency and at the same time increase productivity. The main focuses of the request were as follows:

  • Create a machine that could facilitate a smooth and efficient workflow.
  • To realize a highly versatile system capable of handling samples of varying sizes and a range of diverse processes for applying coatings to substrates of different types.
  • To Develop a system that would simplify maintenance, cleaning, and replacement of components when necessary.
  • Design a machine suitable for research work, particularly for depositing metal or insulating layers, but with the potential to handle even small production volumes.

The Solution

Kenosistec designed a tailor-made solution that fully met Peng Tong Tech’s expectations. The KS 600 HR was created, a cluster equipped with horizontal sputtering and a double substrate rotation. This system includes a loading and parking station isolated from the rest of the machine, which eliminates vacuum leakage since it is the only component that requires external contact.

The KS 600 HR is capable of working with round, square or irregular shaped samples. The process chambers are equipped with removable screens to facilitate cleaning, while the panoramic door in the process chamber allows monitoring of every step in the process, from sample handling to etching to the sputtering chamber.

Designed to meet unique requirements and needs, the KS 600 HR is an ideal solution for semiconductor research activities and underscores the important partnership between Peng Tong Tech and Kenosistec.