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Two owners. Thousands of successes : University of Minnesota, the new home of our KS 800 Multichamber Cluster

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When our KS 800 Multichamber Cluster Tool was created back in 2012, it was tailored for microelectronics research and small production of multiple lots of wafers in the digital memory application field.

This equipment, composed of one etch chamber and two sputtering process chambers, was aimed to deposit thin film of metallic, transparent conductive oxide and non-conductive layers on a substrate of 6” and 8” diameter.

The customer company, HGST Research, was a branch of Hitachi headquartered in San Jose, California.

The equipment has been employed for research and production purposes for many years, until the buyer shut down its factory to pursue different goals in other industries.

After this radical decision, the equipment was sold to the University of Minnesota where it started a new life in the nano magnetism and quantum spintronics research field.

Thanks to its flexible design, reconversion can be made very easily, and the system can be tuned for different purposes.